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Professional Packing Services in Perth

Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

Moving to a new location is often a stressful ordeal with numerous steps involved. Packing is a huge task especially for an entire home or commercial building. Every item needs to be carefully packed before being transported to the final destination.

Curtis Removals offers professional packing services that save you time and money. Our removalists take a systematic approach to ensure your belongings are securely packed and ready to move. We guarantee a hassle free experience when you work with us.

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Residential Properties

Whether you are moving from a studio apartment or a five bedroom home, our solutions can accommodate your requirements. We can do a full or partial pack depending on your budget and needs. Examples of what we can pack include:
All fragile items are carefully and securely packed to ensure they arrive at the destination completely intact. A team of packers will be sent to your home to prepare your belongings for your move. We can also provide the necessary supplies if you prefer to pack yourself.

Commercial Establishments

Moving offices often presents more of a challenge even for a small shop. Efficiency is essential to keep downtime to a minimum during the transition. Our professionals take extra care to keep everything organised for a smooth move.
We can assist with packing the following:

Our solutions are flexible enough to address your budget and requirements. You can choose to either have us do a full or partial pack. We remove the stress out of your next move so you can focus on more important matters.

Unpacking Services

Settling into a new home or office can take days to unpack and arrange everything. Our unpacking services are available to help you get set up in the most efficient manner possible. Fragile items and furniture are carefully moved to exactly where you want them.

Rather than being left surrounded by boxes, we can do a full or partial unpack. This gives you a great deal of flexibility and lets you attend to other matters while we unpack your belongings. We handle the entire process with a degree of professionalism that is second to none.

Storage Solutions

Putting items in storage may be necessary if you are moving to a smaller home or simply have no use for certain equipment. We offer flexible storage options that are available for short or long term periods. This is a highly convenient service and we can even transport your belongings to our facilities.

Our secure facilities are protected with an advanced alarm system and we have employees on site for peace of mind. Your valuables are kept safe with us and can be retrieved at anytime. We offer a range of storage options for different capacity requirements.

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Curtis Removals is committed to delivering exceptional services without any compromises on quality. Whether you need full packing services or temporary storage for your valuables, our prices are among the most competitive in the industry.

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